Bas Roorda fled to the Netherlands yesterday, for safety reasons, according to the legendary editor, Hilbert Haar.

But the Dutchman did not leave, without a few parting shots.

He did the smart thing, by leaving because if you’re going to call out the bigshots on their wrongdoings, then you should expect a few death threats here and there, it’s just that not everyone is used to it.

All fingers point to Frans Richardson as the politician who was accused of “systematic embezzlement”, in the documents turned over

to the prosector during Tourism Bureau-gate.

Although Roorda claims, that there is evidence of embezzlement, by at least TWELVE tourism employees,

Frans Richardson, it seems is the only politician who’s name is being dropped-like they say in St Maarten.

Everybody remembers all of those trips and junkets Frans was on, every day of every week, while he was in office.

While he was “in” office, Frans was usually in Brazil, doing what he does best 🙂

Roorda was apparently fired, because he knew too much.

Roorda turned over all of the documents and the information to Xaviar Blackman, the man who hired him, another National Alliance member.

According to people who worked in the dept. Roorda was told by Blackman, that the information proving criminal activity, had to be put away…because they had an election to win.

The Tourism controversy is far from over,

We still have to discuss Regina Labegas roll in all of this,

and why Julian Rollocks was poised to take over the tourism position,

in order to get closer to that 300.000 stipend budget, to pay his casino bills.

And we say that based on email evidence, that Julian Rollocks is in financial trouble, and according to OUR documents

there was approx. 300.000 dollars remaining in the stipend budget

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