Dutch to English translation
To the Speaker of the House of Representatives

The Hague, June 12, 2008
Dear President,

I give you the initiative memorandum

‘The Antilles … Mafia within the kingdom? “.

The Netherlands gave 2.2 billion euros to the Antilles for its restructuring and to be used for political renewal.
A source of concern for this program, however, is what the Government refers to as the “good governance”, or corruption.

The extent of corruption in the Antilles is unknown. The government is not aware of the overall level of corruption,
cronyism and nepotism. This note contains a list of many “possible” concrete and actual evidence of corruption in the Antilles.

I call on all  the factions of the House, so that the problem of corruption,can be viewed in all transparency,  and a plan of  my recommendation to take over.


Purpose and intent.

This note aims to, in a concise manner and is by no means complete. It is a comprehensive insight into the extent of
corruption on the five Antillean islands and Aruba. The typical image of this note should provide the impetus
for a parliamentary inquiry on the extent of corruption in the Antilles.

 In this note it is important to determine what corruption means. A generally accepted definition of corruption.
The criminologist Fine Wood has already constituents of the concept of police corruption listed. In general, according to Fine Wood corruption:

 “Receiving any personal benefit by an official in exchange for a contribution which comes under his official authority.
The personal benefit may comprise, inter alia, money, gifts, lucrative contracts, jobs and sexual services.
Also added a category which is equivalent to avoiding disadvantage: the way for personal blackmail. ”

Within the police know the term “naggen. This term stands for deviant behavior and is defined as:
 “anything is done or omitted in violation of the norms and values.” This definition for the term
naggen is broader than the concept of corruption, but has a disadvantage. If any forms of corruption
are already widely accepted, this means that it is the exposing of the generally accepted forms of corruption, deviation from the accepted norm.

Therefore, I employ in this paper by Fine Wood appointed definition of corruption.

This exploration of the extent of corruption in the Antilles is composed as follows:

1) Over the last four years (second-half 2006), we have all the newspaper stories of /
about corruption in the Dutch and Antillean newspapers (especially the Daily Herald newspaper and Antilles) examined and selected.

2) The Freedom Party has opened a website called www.korompi.nl through this site many e-mails with tips about corruption received.

3) In addition to e-mails through the above site, lots of emails from the site www.pvv.nl and individual letters were received.

This note is a compilation of all the prominent corruption-related incidents. These will be attached.

The information on the site and e-mails received has largely served to confirm the impression
of an intensely corrupt society in the Antilles. This image was already from the press came up.
In addition, the fraction of the Freedom Party received many individual reports of corruption.
These need further examination before they can be made public. It can be stated that
the atmospheric description listed in the corruption cases over the past four years,
the incoming e-mails and other messages will be confirmed. Possible that some
news reports on corruption can be included in a parliamentary inquiry initiated.

The various newspaper articles is an atmosphere in which various forms of corruption a role. Such as:

· Nepotism and cronyism. Friends or family free or money, or promises were to provide attractive jobs.
• The simple flat form of bribes
; Simple enrichment
· Trade and fraud in real estate.
· Buying votes.
· Coarse abuse of authority.

From all the newspaper reports, the fraction of the PVV distilled a large number of people around
whom there would be corruption or other impropriety. Of this we have assembled a top-5 and is attached.

This memorandum seeks the fraction of the PVV an overall picture of the possible extent of corruption in the Antilles.
This picture is only the tip of the iceberg. It is imperative to clarify this picture, in order
to build a sound policy on how corruption can be combated. Thus, the fraction of
the Freedom Party also like to see this note, to launch a parliamentary inquiry into the corruption in the Antilles.

Therefore the following recommendation:
· Start a parliamentary inquiry into the extent of corruption in the Antilles.


– Transparency available in the degree of corruption in the Antilles
– Understand the level of nepotism and cronyism in the Antilles and the resulting disadvantages of these corrupt forms.
– Reports of criminal corruption cases from the parliamentary inquiry into justice without delay.


1. A survey by the Central Bureau for Statistics show that 92% of the population of Curaçao is that corruption in politics and values ​​negatively.
Both young and old think corruption in politics is high and that the coming year will increase slightly to much.
95% of young people voted as pessimistic. On Bonaire, these results comparable. Regarding the impact on political
life in Curaçao respondents thought (92 percent) and Bonaire (83 percent) that they are serious or very serious there. (C99)

2. Rhuggenaath deputy Eugene thinks that various political parties that their sponsor (companies and trade unions)
influence on their political policies and states that the course will prevent companies buying favor of politics.
taten Adriaens says that 90% of campaign money comes from industry. (C106) (C107)

3. Ex-deputies Ivar Asjes and Gerrit Schotte say they are not corrupt because they make use of legal rules
in apportioning themselves many jobs, they consider themselves most opportunistic. (C156) (C157)

Godett / FOL

4. The deputy’s brother Anthony Godett, Shandel Godett was appointed to the Environment Agency
on Curaçao without application, there are also nine others appointed by politicians. (C143)

5. FOL: Applies pressure on the program TelCuraçao Nelson Pierre of the tube. (C13)

6. Anthony Godett: provokes drunk police officers during a search aimed at finding illegal immigrants. (C2)

7. Louisa Godett Johnny is the son of the Prime Minister. His name appears along with the bank account
of his father, the husband of the Prime Minister, on a paper which has been found in drug dealers. (C3)

8. Mount Nelson: at the FOL is an interim adviser brought him back in prison. Later he receives house arrest,
but does not check where he is. (C8) (C75)

9. Hedwiges Komproe, ex-postmaster, his wife Lucette Komproe-Kwidama, Rufus oud-statenlid/Minister McWilliam
and Interim Director Roy Post Heerenveen held in the Pinnacle case, where the Public a scam of one million euros
investigating. The daughter of the Prime Minister Nirayca Louisa Godett is suspect in this case. (C9) (C10 (C11) (C12) (C16).

10. Urwin Sille, number 21 on the FOL list through political appointment appointed head of the Environment,
it will only work in the morning, the previous policy, his department has become. He is 4 levels higher
than its predecessor. Furthermore, Sille in his old job last four years illegally sprayed poison. (Milieudienst!) (C29)

11. Ernesto Godett, brother of the Prime Minister is accused of threat to PAR leader and later prime minister in the Ys like hiring a rent-killer. (C41)

12. FOL leader Anthony Godett is a mega fraud on appeal sentenced to 15 months in jail with five months suspended.
FOL adviser Nelson Monte was given four years imprisonment. He also picked up later because he would have done a few in the FOL partijkas. (C42) (C43) (C55)

13. The Court of Audit Netherlands Antilles, the purchase of the site of the Fountain Fundashon Kas Popular
(FKP) not according the rules of good governance has gone and we acted not visible. Anthony Godett is CEO of FKP. (L5)

14. Godett also ruled improper in the matter regarding the appointment of Ivar passes in the management of government Selikor nv. (L6)

15. Other people and foundations who have been convicted in this case: lawyer Johnny Shop, businessman Chris Winkel,
ex post SA director and former financial manager of La Poste SA George Lichtveld and Edsel Lourens,
the canvasser Rob Salas and organizations Foundation Papa Godett and Antilles SA (C44) (C45) (C46) (C47) (C48) (C49) (C50)

16. Prime Minister Mirna Louisa-Godett visiting her brother in prison and has had an illegal cell phone off.
Also known in the Campo Allegro case that, against the advice of Governor Richards-Dindial in the refusal of
Colombian prostitutes at Hato Undo made (C52) (C84)

17. Former journalist and assistant deputy Ignacio, Edison Maduro (FOL) is arrested in connection with the Campo Allegro case. (C53)

18. The political party FOL supports its campaign bribes from various contractors. (C59)

19. Milanagela T., former deputy secretary of the late Minister Komproe Godett and as employee of the examination room,
embezzlement and tampering with test cards, arrested by the Land Investigation also for the monitoring. (C96)

20. FOL leader Anthony Godett confirms that within several public limited companies FOL members have been appointed as Commissioner.
Thus FOL Mirna Godett at UTS as a Commissioner appointed and fuel distribution Curoil and former minister Richard Salas
in Curacao Ports Authority, Salas was also appointed to the board of Kas Popular Fundashon. Godett states that it
is common for governing parties appoint their own people. (C102)

21. Reginaldo Carolina in the past been convicted for his part in the fraud OCT sugar. He is appointed by the
FOL CEO of the foundation is lifted and privatization requires a salary of 17,000 guilders per month. (C112)

22. Curaçao has to spend 1.1 million for new plates in orange (color of Godett’s FOL). After a few days proved
a waste of money because the plates did not meet the requirements and were not visible. (L12)
23. Raoul Henriquez, the secretary of the Council of Ministers has a blind document signed by the Prime Minister where
he chairs a committee that gets 25% pay rise allots. He has admitted. (C140)

24. The Staten Adriaens suggests the Minister of Transport Minister Omayra Leeflang that refers to investors by her
brother to make a business plan. Allegedly because a business plan for the brother of the minister is adopted more rapidly. (C117)

25. William Whistleblower criticizes lack of transparency and public accountability in the States. So he asks himself
how it is possible that the President and the Registrar have access to a car at government expense, but also the
monthly car allowance and they can use a credit card of the government, while also rely on
cost-representation of each of the members of Parliament received monthly. Other members of
Parliament are wondering how William has known that some of them home much at the expense
of the government calling for extra overtime specify ordering office supplies or more than necessary. (C84)

26. The Ministers of the Netherlands Antilles for a period of one year lease agreement for new cars.
The cars are rented by a company that happens to the cars purchased by a cousin of Prime Minister de Jongh-Elhage. (C148)

27. Ex-Justice Minister Ben Komproe has intervened during his tenure as the prison warden is not allowed
 the brothel owner From Ireland to distribute Christmas presents in prison and he “overruled” that decision. (C85)

28. Under the current scheme ministers of the Netherlands Antilles in 4 years time and have paid their pensions
from 45 years they can retire. They then get 70% of their final salary.
Parliamentarians can do that in 16 years and can then dispose of when they are 50. (C78)

29. Tilly Pikerie, former health minister was convicted for using the official car as a private vehicle
to a suspended sentence and fined 15,000 guilders. (C28)

30. The Minister of Health Gimena van der Gen admits that she has asked her sister to get a job
at the Public Health Service. She was ranked at the highest level of remuneration. (C133)

31. States: States of Netherlands Antilles bickering over whether a conviction for corruption
in violation of the membership of the States (Anthony Godett). According to the Antillean law
may drunks and vagrants will be barred from parliament. Finally decide that the States members
of Parliament convicted of corruption do not have their seat to give up. (C14) (C15)

32. Rojer suspects Former Prime Minister of Ys (and am almost sure) that he might have
illegally used cars imported from the U.S. For this offense right now Franklin Lock on
him and demanded one year imprisonment, which eventually turned into six months
probation and a fine of 15,000 guilders. Ys is questioned because of possible
involvement. Ys also provides two times salary to his driver as it also would act as his bodyguard. (C4) (C5) (C7) (C36) (C56)

33. Francis de Windt, the Secretary of the Ministers suspected of embezzlement,
forgery and fraud. He signed dozens of bills for drinks, food, kitchen appliances
and diapers that his subordinates for their children bought. During that trial
Windt missions as pleasure trips and that he used the credit card of the island had to buy personal items. (C6) (M3)

34. Minister Plenipotentiary of the Antilles Maurice Adriaens had two illegal
workers on his plantation and knew she had no papers. (C24)

35. By Ben Komproe, the former justice minister and his assistant Gilbert
de Windt searches are done in connection with the Campo Alegrozaak (brothel)
in which drug trafficking and money laundering center. (C32) (C33) (C34)

36. Prime Minister Ys offers 4 personal assistants at the end of his
cabinet a bonus that is paid from public money and there is no justification for it.
This seems to have become a common practice. (C38)

37. Economics Minister Errol Cova has given 1.2 million guilders to finance a
water park to a local entrepreneur even though there were negative opinions.
This was paid from a fund with strict rules set by the minister were not observed.
According to Jacob Gelt Dekker himself here, he has kept about 225,000 guilders. (C58)

38. Former Education Minister Stanley Lamp, former Education Director Rudy Riedel and former employee
of Education Selda Pulgar-Crijntje as suspicious because the OM she is alleged that they grant
money from the European Union would have darkened (C91) (1992) (C93)

39. Former minister Ensley Bulo is on trial for causing a traffic accident in which a woman
was killed while under the influence of alcohol. (C60)

40. Various (Ex) Ministers by the Land Investigation investigated because they had
infringed the rules on allocating money to the Office of Telecommunications and Post,
the UNA and for the hiring of the firm Speedy Kopter as it concerns the ministers
Leeflang and Ribeiro and ex-ministers and Martina Komproe. (C63) (C64) (C65) (C66)
41. The Cabinet de Jongh-Elhage is planning to establish five state secretaries who have
little to do and each year 1.5 million guilders costs. These secretaries of state have the
same benefits as ministers, but earn only 10% less. (C127)

42. Former Minister’s authorized in The Hague, Maurice Adriaens has spent his minister guilty of
budget overruns and acted against existing established procedures. This indicates
a memo his successor Carel Hasseth sent to the government. (C128)

Executive Council and Island Council CURAÇAO

43. Curacao in three drivers complain to the Executive because they are made inactive after a new Executive Board
is installed. This Executive Council has its own drivers now included which deputies on July 10 drivers.
These drivers run overtime earnings miss. (C119)

44. Ex-commissioner Gerrit Schotte and Island Council member has been appointed new director of
the Department of Planning and Housing while the current acting head was 7 years and works well
in that time prepared for the job. Gerrit Schotte Island Councillor accused of insurance fraud by staging a burglary. (C150) (L13)

45. The commissioners and Nicholas Anthony Burney Elhage were both illegal deputies in July 2007
because they had other employment which the law should not fall along with the office of commissioner.
Also requires the e.g. deputy to Nicholas for 12 months in prison mistreatment of his wife.
 (C154) (B14) (L11)

46. Commissioner of Public limited companies Getmar Caldera, Commissioner of Infrastructure
and Charles Cooper Interim Governor Kenneth Gijsbertha all three employees of the
Isla refinery where the Executive Council should negotiate with. (C104)

47. Ivar Asjes deputy has the credit of the tourist office in Curacao for
the purchase of personal items, including a 2600 dollar suit. (C69)

48. The ex-commissioner Henry Abrahams, Is Sentenced to 15 months imprisonment
with five suspended for accepting bribes and falsely declaring a check. (C40)

49. After Frensel Marchena commissioner was completed, a job arranged for him at the Department Staff Buro.
But arrive it is no place for him. He works at home on a mission to Staff Buro, what he does is unknown. (C155)

50. Deputy Constancia: Notice that after elections commissioner going to work at scale 14 to the
Department of Labour Affairs (Government). No application sent a letter stating that no announcements
about should be made. The brother of the deputy driving the official car in practice (commissioner
himself has no driving license) that had lent Constancia, this is strictly prohibited. This brother
was also a job helped by the commissioner in the Department of Work and Income. After the car accident
that she lied himself rode instead of her brother, when this came out, she offered her resignation. (C18) (C27) (C31)

51. Gerrit Schotte, former deputy appointed by the Planning Department on a job that did not exist. (C142)

52. Executive Council has decided that delegates a government job guarantees if the coalition deputies stopped and they finished.
This Constancia outside, the deputies Renfred Rojer, Sedney Ignacio Rignald Lak and guaranteed
a good paying job after their time as deputy. (See April 16 AD) (C19) (C20) (C21)

53. Ex-deputy David Dick has been acquitted of a criminal investigation into bribery by Antilles NV
and is seeking damages from the Public (C35)

54. Cathalina Glen, assistant commissioner Eugene Rhuggenaath was fired from the auditors of public
SOAB Cathalina Dollars in 7000 because it had given a mission that never passed, that money has
Cathalina spent on other things. Will stay on as assistant Rhuggenaath. (C62)

55. The Executive Council of Curaçao estimated 1 million guilders to the movement of a flag before
the hotel to downtown Otrobanda Brionplein (C94)

56. A study by the Board of UTS, the management of UTS ‘systematic slow, opaque and incomplete communication.
There are also major financial mistakes. The former deputy director of UTS Constancia to leave it and get
one million. He claims 5 million severance payment (1 miljoenx2, cars, health Fri, Fri pension and his mortgage is paid). (C109)

57. Nelson deputy Pierre wants his own TV show called “Transparensha ‘money for this program is provided
by the public foundation StIP. The program is broadcast in the 15 weeks running up to the Island Council elections. (C131)

58. Councillor Cesar Prince during the negotiations for a new Executive Council appointed as new director
of the Fundashon Wega di Number Korsou. This raises many protests. (C132)

59. Humphrey Davelaar’s next deputy minister for Health and Social Affairs, chairman of the umbrella
organization of neighborhood centers Fesebako. Eugene’s next deputy commissioner of Rhuggenaath
Economic Affairs and Tourism CTDF also chairman of the foundation, which is the foundation under
 which the tourism office of Curaçao belongs. When deputies checked they actually own. (C158) (C159)

60. The Island Council of Curaçao has decided to 2 million guilders to buy new voting machines
because Anthony Godett not considered reliable enough, that while the international computer
 experts who have looked at said that there were no problems. (C137)

61. The Island Council member Pierre Nelson allowed two years of Public Prosecutions offend no one,
he does so, then a criminal threat because not dropped. (C39)

62. Members of the Island Council of Curacoa, the salaries of directors of Public limited companies
received for inspection, they call it disproportionate. Thus deserves the director Marcel Nicolina Curoil 29,000 guilders Mon (C123)

63. The political party Forsa Kòrsou want a job guarantee for all Land Officials in the new political structure. (C115)

64. On Curacao there for years not a lawful and effective grants awarded by the Executive Council and there is
no control over the spending of grant funds, concludes the General Court. (C145) (L7)

65. The General Court also questioned deputies who are personally involved with providing relief,
politicians and officials at very high act as a consultant in applying for residence permits,
hiring more staff despite a wage freeze and illegal loans worth 15 million . (C147)

66. The last time a financial statements of the Executive Council of Curaçao was approved by the General Court in 1988. (C74)

67. The pensions of officials in the Netherlands Antilles are arranged so that pensions are
structured in the following installments: Staten 16 years, Minister for 4 years, 6 years
and Deputy Governor and a council member island 9 1 / 2 years. Also, there is no cumulation clause and a person is to stack multiple pensions. (L8) (C116)

68. Disproportionate Directors salaries public limited companies. (L8)

69. The pensions are Saba own (compared to Curaçao) that a man who 18 years deputy was
and 28 years a member of the Island 1050 guilders a month pension receives for his time as
deputy and 288 guilders for his time as Island Councillor. ( C144)

70. The expenditures from the Road Fund Foundation Curacao which is fed from the vehicle
taxes are completely uncontrollable by the General Court. There is no structural accountability
and it is unclear where the money is spent. (C122)

71. In the period 2003-2005 public-limited companies for an amount of 207.8 million guilders
in bonds bought in the island area, while only 55.9 million in dividends are paid. (C135)

72. The Executive Council of Curaçao has a loan of 58 million laid out in 2007 at 7.8%,
for this she needed to pay off an old loan. This bond provides a total of 130 million guilders. (C160)

73. The Island Territory of Curaçao has a loan (bonds) issued valued at more than
60 million in 2007. This is an 8% loan that runs until 2017. (C151


74. Although there is a hiring freeze in government in Curaçao, the Executive Council in the 2003-2006
period but more than 350 extra officers was adopted. (C152)

75. Minister Roland Duncan estimates that by the creation of the Land Curacao 1000 officers will be too much. (C153)

76. Fitzroy Dorand Director of the Directorate of Shipping and Maritime Affairs
(Shipping Inspectorate) has been inactive since put the Inspectorate Netherlands
has filed a complaint against him. It is suspected that his own company Tine Mari Diza Surveys and Services for help in work. (C108)

78. The Land Investigation reports that on July 20, 2005 to 1912 there investigations
are officials as suspects are identified. In the first two quarters of 2005 were
13 police officers, 11 officials, 14 officials and 21 public hearing. (C100)

79. Ramirez Lopez was both Director of the Port Authority and Commissioner of a
stevedoring company in negotiations on a new port concession. (C73)

80. Willie Henriquez, member of the management of the Curacao Tourist Board has
spent 62,000 guilders to the credit of the tourist office on personal expenses and must now repay.
In September 2005 he is arrested because he is suspected of importing cocaine through vissersbarkjes. (C72) (C111)

81. The director of the Curaçao Port Services Charles Aster is accused of issuing retroactive to a director,
because this director also was a commissioner holding an 30-year concession was granted. (C70)

82. The administration of the CTB (Curaçao Tourist Board) has, against all rules, its own compensation
increased by 300%. Ivar Asjes deputy is in this administration. The BC approves this ex post facto. (C71)

83. Hellen Chirino-Roosenberg head Unusual Transactions suspected of involvement in the Pinnacle
 case involving the Public a scam of one million euros investigating. (C30)

84. Messages that emerge from the 200,000 guilders Child Foundation to play in the casino gambling.
Responsible would be the president and treasurer of the foundation Keith Carlo and Wladimir Martina (C51) (C81) (C82)

85. The Island Territory of Curaçao has 1664 posts. (C161)

86. Gregory Damoen Director of Finance has approved an employee of Finance for
50,000 guilders to record with the Central Bank from the account of Finance for their own use. (C57)

87. The St. Elizabeth Hospital has 9 million guilders that were intended for
other purposes spent on pensions and money is now gone. (C67)

88. An anonymous immigration official arrested because they earned money
with the stamping of false documents and the passage of people for money. (C83)

89. Ex-director of Fey and warehouse employee of Sijs Lau Mathilda of
Analytic Diagnostic Center were dismissed or convicted of one million fraud at the ADC. (C113) (C114)

90. Sherman Hernandez, head of the tax has been arrested on suspicion of forging licenses for Chinese entrepreneurs.
He could take the kickbacks received by the owner of a Chinese restaurant. (C124)

91. Nicolina Marcial, former director of Curoil has lost a lawsuit because he was right was fired because of his age.
He claimed some 3.6 million guilders. At the time of discharge, he earned about 50,000 florins a month. (C129)

92. Gerrit Schotte to function Head facility service or give up, but this requires a different function.
The judge has already ruled that the appointment of Schotte was a political appointment. (L1)

93. Ex-prosecutor Gorstra is activated to an indemnification letter for Colombian
and Dominican prostitutes there by pressing (according to the OM). (C86)

94. Rutsel Martha: Former Chief Constable commissioned the leasing of 25 police cars
that were unsuitable for police work. Police cars remains inadequate, and should contract.
Now would have been cheaper Ward says the current police chief. (C1)

95. H. Capella, a police officer from Curacao was held at the dismantling of
a Colombian trafficking organization with 200 kilos of cocaine was seized. (C17)

96. Guido and Leonora Ruche Tromp, agents of the Hato team arrested on suspicion of
drug trafficking to the Netherlands and see themselves 10 years from requirements,
they are later sentenced to 5 years. (C37) (C54) (att. 485)

97. Udumar Isodora, team principal of Hato policemen on trial on charges of
passage of drug couriers at Hato airport, there are seven witnesses who made statements against him. (C61)

98. In 2004, four police officers for drug practice before the courts. (C68)

99. In 2001, 30 prison guards fired at the Bon Futuro prison for committing crimes such
as passing on drugs and weapons to prisoners. (C79)

100. During the carnival in 2005 touching four policemen in a gun battle with each other,
while a bystander with a gunshot wound in his chest. One of the agents who meeschoot was
 a policeman from St. Maarten who was to celebrate carnival. (C80)

101. Police officer Ronald R. examined a total of about 16,000 guilders cash and jewelry
stolen from people arrested, he was sentenced to 15 months prison. (C87)

102. Guardian Bon Futuro L.D. is arrested because he smuggled drugs into the prison (C88)

103. Two guards, E.E.P.I. and R.H.T. were arrested on suspicion of assistance during the escape
from the Bon Futuro prison of the criminal-Latheis Khalet abow. (C97) (C98)

104. H.W.P. Security is an official of the Netherlands Antilles and is arrested on suspicion
of importing cocaine and taking bribes. (C118)

105. When 16 police officers working Curacao in the past have been in contact with the law.
These are long gone by the corps leaders nominated for dismissal, but that’s still not happened.
The agents have been guilty of various offenses, including attempted murder, drug trafficking,
embezzlement, assault or years of unauthorized absence. These agents still get paid. Police have
also Curacao, a cultural reversal process to set up one consultant. This consultant Vic Pinedo,
has a couple of times a three-day session held at the Hilton and already charged $ 544,000.
(Excluding travel and accommodation) (C120) (C121)

106. The Evaluation Commission law enforcement has investigated the Curaçao Police.
This lacks everything: manpower, resources, discipline, training and guidance.
Several agents have their own security. There have been political appointments,
which unqualified people are adopted. (C125)

107. Henry Panka, ex-runner for the Netherlands Antilles Security was also
found guilty of committing the importation of cocaine. (C149)

108. 3 customs officers at the customs in Curacao laid off and are suspected of tax fraud and accepting money. (C141)

Nepotism / cronyism / OTHER FRAUD CURAÇAO

109. The Supervisory Board consists of fuel distribution Curoil is chairman and deputy Gelmar Caldera (FOL),
former Prime Minister Mirna Godett (FOL), Secretary General of the FOL methods and Amerigo Staten Maurice Adriaens.
Deputy Caldera also is chairman of the refinery in Curaçao. (C108)

110. Randolph Gijsbertha: Is Head of the Department of Labour and has become the connections in the MAN
(where his brother is a prominent member). He was appointed without competition, by Charles Cooper (MAN) (C22)

111. 2 PLKP members are appointed by ministers resigning in the Boards of the Analytic Diagnostic Centre
and the SA Post ministers Cova (PLKP) and the Ersilia Lanooy (PNP). (C25) (C26)

112. In February, Franklin Sluis convicted of corruption in April will Sluis a job as Postmaster General
in the government it turns out was not acceptable, and then the job to Richard Salas, a former minister,
who incidentally do not seem to know . (C89) (C90)

113. To appoint the Director of ATC to Curacao is a relative of the Executive Director Aviation Siegfried Francisco. (C105)
114. The Executive Council of Curaçao FOL PKLP MAN and replaces all PAR and PNP committee with board members
of foundations and private supporters. (C103)

115. On March 17, 2006 is in the Daily Herald that the political parties on Curacao Island Level PAR, MAN,
PNP, and LNPA Rignald Paint in the future some 69 boards of 14 overheidsnv have to share. For this
they have a special commission was set up in which each party from the Executive Council will have a representative. (C123)

116. Board member of the PAR Willam da Costa Gomez argues for an amount of 35,000 per month interim
management to the Student Foundation Curaçao. (C134)

117. Lawyer and FOL Shop Johnny sympathizer who previously was convicted for corruption in the fraud
is now a mega order from the Executive Council of Curaçao for 100,000 guilders a campaign against the final declaration. (C138)

118. The Work and Income and the Environment concluded a contract with the FOL Shop Johnny sympathizer
who previously was convicted for corruption in the huge fraud in which they 34.50 guilders per square
meter office space for rent. Normal prices in that neighborhood are around 25 euro per square meter.
It is a sum of around 38,000 guilders per month. (C139)

119. Not only political friends are appointed as Commissioners Public limited companies, also known
journalists by the Executive Board at this installed as limited companies (C146)

120. Cees Lutgendorff: Advised companies to politicians to buy, because it is, according to him,
usually in Curacao “that politicians are paid to them to get jobs back” (C23)

121. Two former directors of the Bank Giro, Louis Hubert Martha Bergman and suspected of forgery,
fraud and fraud in the Giro Bank Case. (C76) (C77)

122. Popular Fundashon Kas is a public foundation that aims to the housing shortage among the disadvantaged housing.
This foundation has purchased private land unsuitable for building. (C130)
St. Maarten


123. St. Maarten Island Council member Gracita Arindell says in a
lecture to the Rotary Club “We live under a governmental system That
Allows governmental contractors, licensees and family members
to benefit not from Their contributions to the wellbeing of this small society,
but Because They Are simply family members, political supporters or contractors doing business with the government. (M19)
124. Marcel Gumbs: Senator for the Democratic Party is accused of
beating up a person in a restaurant. (M4)

125. St. Maarten Governor: It increased in the last 15 years ministens a governor to be arrested for corruption. (M6)

126. Senior police officer arrested in St. Maarten. Subject Superintendent
of Police Churchill Marsden, due to fraud with immigration papers. (L3)

127. The Executive Council of St. Martin in the Intaquin affair draws a Letter of
Intent with the Company Intaquin to the sewer and water supply to take over.
Without consultation with the Island Council gives them no motivation,
after protests from residents the contract Gebe (public company) a mega-claim follows Intaquin thereto. (M8)

128. Sarah Wescott-Williams and William Marlin are both leader of the two parties that
St. Maarten has. Both give them frankly that in their campaign funds are received
from construction companies, projects are awarded on the island. (M10) (M11)

129. The government of St. Maarten offers a feast for 225,000 guilders (Summerfest)
that tourism should accelerate as they normally do to hard to spend money on celebrations.
The son of Commissioner Sarah Wescott-Williams (Andy Wescott) organizes the festival. (M16)

130. When an illegal woman in St. Maarten was arrested and the police came a
furious Sat down at the police commissioner who knew her. Later called the Governor
that the woman could be released because a permit was signed for her. (M18)

131. Director of Immigration Marsdin on St. Martin wonders why Commissioner
Roy Marlin is not studied because he was a gas station, a roundabout, a hotel
and several houses and land purchased. Marlin does not deny that he bought all this, but would not talk about it. (M25)

132 on St. Maarten Commissioner Louie Laveist is accused by the Governor of his 600 work
permits on his desk. Laveist denied this and said if it did, he resign. (C136)
133. The Executive Council of St. Maarten paid no premiums on the pensions of officials to the pension fund. (M22)

Police / Prison:

134. In the police on St. Maarten in 19 months arrested nine policemen because they were suspected of extortion or bribery. (M26)
135. Commissioner of Police in St. Maarten, Marcel Loor arrested on suspicion of forging documents and taking bribes. (M27)

136. Loor appears nine policemen have hired his own security company. It is forbidden
for police officers working for a security firm. (L2)

137. St. Maarten Police: Is an arrest on suspicion of theft, there will be no action from OM or the Police. (M2)

138. Giovanni Sprott is a cop who, after three and a half year suspension after returning
to work may indicate that the security company he had besides his work on behalf of his wife turned out to be. (M5)

139. A policeman from St. Maarten, whose initials CAR are suspected of several robberies
where he made use of police information and it is 9 years against him demanded. (M9)

140. Police sergeant Carlito.H.N. in St. Maarten has been arrested in connection with a robbery. (M12)

141. RFR, a prison guard at the prison in Point Blanche St. Maarten was arrested because he sold drugs and phones to prisoners. (M13)

142. Director Ricardo Rudsel by a security guard accused of hiring staff with a criminal background,
the admission of drugs and mobile phones and allowing sexual relations between staff and prisoners. (M14)

143. Cops in St. Maarten Chanella Deborah Hodge was convicted of dealing hard drugs. (M20)

144. St. Maarten police officers deny the stories that they have deliberately searched for
illegal Chinese immigrants to tell them that they could stay on the island only if they
pay thousand dollars. Two agents in connection with this case were arrested. (M23)

145. Justice Minister David Dick signed a transfer form for the head of the
St. Maarten Police Derrick Holiday, Holiday few hours before his bed is lifted by the police.
It is unlikely that Dick does not already know. (L4)
Public Prosecutor:

150. Cor Merx, the Principal Public Prosecutor in St. Maarten has eleven prisoners on their
own previously released from prison in exchange for money they paid to him personally.
(M15) Later he was arrested on suspicion of corruption, he has himself admitted and is
cooperating with Justice (M21) He had his own words on a deal with St. Martin OM
concluded that he would be prosecuted for corruption if he would leave the island. This, he said, deliberately not put on paper. (M22)

151. Post New SA: Workers on suspicion of fraud on non-active put. (M1)

152. Two female employees of the Census Office on St. Maarten are suspected of removing a substantial amount of money. (M17)

153. On St. Maarten 3 immigration staff, a businessman and an officer arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. (M24)

154. Kurt Ruan: Officer suspected of raping a male Dutch intern, but is not subsequently prosecuted for lack of evidence. (M7) (att. 494)

Ramon Booi Cito

Ramonicito Booi, UPB party leader and Staten for Bonaire by the President of the Chamber of Commerce
on Bonaire accused that he has been surrounded by a large number of people who absolutely do not
work and also a lot of money, while people there at all not entitled to them. (B6)

Ramoncita Booi, the department Domain Mr. Pieters Bonaire inactive put as expressed in the
it can effectively act as adviser to a Management College where he actively fought against. (B15)
Concerning the detailed doings and Mr Booi, also refer to the NOVA television broadcasts
in February this year on corruption in the Antilles, where it appeared that Booi accounts
of his voters approved to pay. He found that no vote buying, because if he did not have
someone else did and he thus lost the vote. Addition, the entire so-called Black Book,
published by Bon Fundashon Gobernashon Bonaire, dated October 24, 2007 to that note.

AIRPORT BONAIRE (source: report Alg. ECA)

Airport Bonaire Investments – Research March 1, 2007
– The preparation of the total project investment was inadequate
– The basis for decision was insufficient
– The (central) direction and coordination was inadequate and non-transparent
– Accountability of the Executive Council of the Island Council on the implementation was insufficient
– There are 1.7 million unnecessary costs incurred
– The orderliness and auditability were totally inadequate, the investments were poorly controllable
– Transfer of land to 6667.000M2 BIA is unlawful
– The agreement with the consortium of contractors has ensured that no competition existed between
suppliers and the Island Territory of the consortium made unnecessary dependency
– With the exception of the investments by the Internal Expert Division of the Department of Finance (SID)
and the Foundation for Development Uitvoeringsorganisatie Dutch Antilles Development (USONA)
 are funded uncertainties remain about the legitimacy and effectiveness.


155. Police Bonaire police boat used for racing and not for police and brings with swimmers and surfers at risk. (B1)

156. Superintendent Danny departs Bonaire for no obvious reason, but gets offered a job at government level,
is mentioned in passing that all of Bonaire chief inspectors left a job at government level have received. (B2)

157. The Executive Council of Bonaire, the Head of Finance Genaro totally unfairly dismissed by the court.
This may be his salary until his retirement at the bank pick. He also dismissed as director of a public-NV
There he is replaced by former Lt. Governor Richard Hart, which performed the work for the sum of 40,000 guilders per month (B3) (B4)

158. The Executive Council of Bonaire a piece of land sells for 3.50 euros per square meter of a former politician in the UPB,
and he almost immediately sells it for 5 euros per square meter to a developer (B5)

159. The Land Registry and Mortgage Being Bonaire receives 109,000 Euro from the
Minister of Finance for the purchase of two cars. (B7)

160. In Bonaire, the opposition party PDB filed a motion (which was not adopted) in which the
lieutenant governor is asked to investigate the alleged violation of legal rules and embezzlement
by the delegates Burney Elhage and James Crown and the executive committee of The Fundashon Wega Di Numbre Bonaire. (B14)

161. The Evaluation Commission law enforcement has also examined the police Bonaire and there
found that the organization is deficient and the chief ruler was all to the police because he had fired the management team. (B8)

162. The new Land Minister El Hage from Bonaire was surprised that he’s taking his hotel room could
not declare the government and therefore flew daily to and from Bonaire. (B9)

163. Benito Dirksz. The leader of the party Bonaire PRO is accused that he means a Dominican company
several people on Bonaire has scammed more than $ 200,000 (B10)

164. Mary Goeloe, secretary and first-degree relative of commissioner Reginald Dort Alina Bonaire gets the
lease on 10,000 square meters of land where plans for tourist activities. This application was given priority. (B11)

165. The island government of Bonaire intends to delegate Yonchi Dort Alina be appointed director of the garbage disposal. (B12)

166. Herbert Piar, the director of the CAS Fundashon Boneiriano by large accounting firms accused of fraud and
use of the credit card of the foundation for their own use. He has admitted, but requires a lump sum payment for leaving half million dollars.
He is dismissed by the court and gets a compensation of 78,000 guilders assigned. (B13)

Saba and St. Eustatius

167. Menno van der Velde, the Secretary of Saba Island was arrested for domestic violence. (S1)

168. On St. Eustatius, the treasurer of Penn co AMFO organization suspected of involvement in fraud development. (S3)

169. Police officers in Saba be examined because they would have sold licenses. (S2)

170. Declaration of Rudy Lampe and Arman Hessels (both RED) against Prime Minister Nelson Oduber and Minister Briesen.
Possible forgery in the port project in Aruba. (L10)

In this note attached:
• The Black Book published by Fundashon Gobernashon Bon Bonaire.
Excel • A printout of all newspaper reports, numbered and data source.
• A top five corrupt politicians / administrators.
• A bound printout of many newspaper articles numbered 1 through 170.
• A register of persons eligible persons in the newspaper articles.

June 9, 2008

Top 5:

1. Anthony Godett (Deputy) (FOL)

– Does a mega fraud on appeal sentenced to 15 months in jail with five months suspended.

2. Henry Abraham (Ex-commissioner) (PNP)

– Is sentenced to 15 months imprisonment with five suspended for accepting bribes and falsely declaring a check.

3. Mount Nelson (Founder FOL) (FOL)

– Is sentenced to 4 years in prison because of passive bribery, forgery and money laundering.

4. Rufus McWilliam (Ex-Staten and ex-Minister) (PNP)

– Sentenced to 18 months in prison and two years probation in fraud Post NV

5. Francis de Windt (Cabinet Secretary)

– Sentenced to a fine and a suspended prison sentence for embezzlement, forgery and fraud.

Persons Register:

Abow-Latheis (103)
Abrahams, Henry (48)
Adriaens, Maurice (2) (24) (34) (42) (109)
Arindell, Gracita (123)
Asjes, Ivar (3) (14) (47) (82)
Aster, Charles (81)
Bergman, Louis (121)
Booi, Ramoncita (See, Booi Bonaire)
Briesen, (170)
Bulo, Ensley (39)
Caldera, Getmar (46) (109)
Carlo, Keith (84)
Carolina, Reginaldo (21)
Cathalina, Glenn (54)
Chirino-Roosenberg, Hellen (83)
Constancia (50) (52) (56)
Charles Cooper (46) (110
Cova, Errol (1937) (111)
Da Costa Gomez (116)
Danny, (156)
Damoen, Gregory (86)
Davelaar, Humphrey (59)
De Jongh-Elhage (26) (41)
The Lanooy, Ersilia (111)
De Windt, Francis (33)
De Windt, Gilbert (35)
Dick, David (1953) (145)
Dirksz, Benito (163)
Dorand, Fitzroy (78)
Alina dort, Reginald (164) (165)
Duncan, Ronald (75)
Elhage, Burney (44) (45) (160) (162)
Francisco, Siegfried (113)
Gelt Dekker, Gelt (37)
Genaro, (157)
Gijsbertha, Kenneth (46)
Gijsbertha, Randolph (110)
Louisa Godett Johnny (7)
Godett, Anthony (4) (6) (12) (13) (14) (19) (20) (22) (31) (60)
Godett, Ernesto (11)
Godett, Mirna (16) (20) (109)
Godett, Nirayca Louisa (9)
Godett, Shandel (4)
Goeloe, Maria (164)
Gorstra (93)
Gumbs, Marcel (124)
H.N. Carlito (140)
Hart, Richard (157)
Hasseth, Carel (42)
Heerenveen, Roy (9)
Henriquez, Willie (80)
Henriquez, Raoul (23)
Hernandez, Sherman (90)
Hessels, Arman (170)
Hodge, Deborah Chan Ella (143)
Holiday, Derrick (145)
Ignacio, Sedney (17) (52)
Isodora, Udumar (97)
Komproe, Ben (19) (27) (35) (40)
Komproe, Hedwiges (9)
Komproe-Kwidama, Lucette (9)
Crown, James (160)
Lak, Rignald (52) (115)
Lamp, Stanley (38)
Lampe, Rudy (170)
Laveist, Louie (132)
Leeflang, Omayra (24) (40)
Leonora, Guido (96)
Light Field, George (15)
Loor, Marcel (135) (136)
Lourens, Edsel (15)
Lutgendorff, Cees (120)
Maduro, Edison (17)
Marchena, Frensel (49)
Marlin, Roy (131)
Marlin, William (128)
Marsden, Churchill (126)
Marsdin, (131)
Martha Hubert (121)
Martha Rutsel (94)
Martina (40)
Martina, Vladimir (84)
Mathilda, Lau (89)
McWilliam, Rufus (9)
Merx, Cor (150)
Monte, Nelson (8) (12)
Nicholas Anthony (44) (45)
Nicolina, Marcial (1962) (1991)
Oduber, Nelson (170)
Panka, Henry (107)
Piar, Herbert (166)
Pierre, Nelson (5) (57) (61)
Pikerie, Tilly (29)
Pinedo, Vic (105)
Prince, Cesar (58)
Pulgar-Crijntje, Selda (38)
R. Ronald (101)
Ramirez, Lopez (79)
Rhuggenaath, Eugene (2) (54) (59)
Ribeiro (40)
Ricardo Rudsel (142)
Richards-Dindial (16)
Riedel, Rudy (38)
Rojer, Renfred (32) (52)
Ruan, Kurt (154)
Salas, Richard (112)
Salas, Rob (15) (20)
Schotte, Gerrit (3) (44) (51) (92)
Sille, Urwin (10)
Sluis, Franklin (32) (112)
Sprott, Giovanni (138)
T., Milanegela (19)
Thode, Amerigo (109)
Tromp, Ruche (96)
Capella, H. (95)
Van der Gen, Gimena (30)
Van der siskin, Fey (89)
Van der Velde, Menno (167)
Wescott, Andy (129)
Wescott-Williams, Sarah (128) (129)
William (25)
Ward (94)
Winkel, Chris (15)
Shop, Johnny (15) (117) (118)
Ys, Etienne (11) (32) (38)


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