I told your dumb ass, Peter Gunn that I troll your site.

You want to call me out, let me call your punk ass out, because you are the same gun crazed, psychotic boy that I ran into down by the Boardwalk, claiming to be an expert suchnsuch…but you’re not.

Peter Gunn you are a moronic loser, and your insecurities and anger shows when you write about me on your page, for a few “fans” to see, but I dare you to respond in public, so that I can once again shred, your moronic Hegelian Ass!

You are mad, you silly Schmuck, because I AS A ST MAARTENER OPPOSE GUN VIOLENCE!

And many agree with me.

Is your real name Peter Gunn, or are you just living out some lame James Bond fantasy.

I AM WILLING TO DEBATE YOU PUBLICLY! But I doubt that you’ll show up and debate without a script.

As a native born St Maartener, I have a right to call you out on your nonsensical, bull****,

especially when it’s soooo obvious.

You were just supposed to post a lot of bullshit crime stats, and use it as a reason to legalize guns-which you would profit off of- and nobody was supposed to call you on your B.S. statement, and I did!

I’ve called you out, and now you’re a short, angry little man.

Well boooohooooo

Call the waaaaaaaahmbulance!

I know it’s not as serious as a bullet wound.

You are a moron, Peter Gunn….with a high con intelligence quotient,

but when it comes to ordinary reasoning, it’s something that you simply lack.

Continue to try to call me out, when I call your lecherous, idiotic ass out….


You are a moron, Peter Gunn and your tactics are Hegelian, whether you know how to google the word or not.

You came in as a gun advocate, but I lived in the States Peter Gunn,

Hunting is the MAIN reason for legalizing arms.

The only thing to hunt in St Maarten are people.

You have been exposed,

your ass is showing.

Now enjoy the rest of my blogs about you!

I know that you read each and every blog, avidly…

Laugh my A** off.

I’m gonna enjoy this Peter.
Remember that conversation that we had on the Boardwalk 🙂



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