Carlyle V. ROGERS

Born & Raised on St. Maarten, in Sucker Garden

Inspector of Police for 25 years

DP Candidate # 8 for :

– Justice

– Upgrading of our Police Force

– Crime

– Youths


Your Choice & Voice for JUSTICE

A man that says what he means, and means what he says


Dear Colleagues,

Allow me to address you via this email regarding the following:

As you know, St. Maarten is currently en route to become a country within the kingdom of the Netherlands as per 10-10-10. With this change, many important issues still have to be dealt with effectively and efficiently. Issues that are undoubtedly close to us. To name a few:


Decentralization of our police/justice department

Fighting crime

Border control

Activities for our young people

And of course the Upgrading of our local Police Force


After serving you for 25 years and climbing through the ranks of this prestigious institution by means of:


putting my country St. Maarten above self




conviction to go that extra mile


no nonsense person  

I am confident that under the leadership of Mrs. Sarah Wescott-Williams and the experience of the entire Democratic Party, I am your candidate to bring about the necessary and most pressing changes to our local police force.

I know that we are terribly understaffed and this should be a thing of the past if we are to be a country within the kingdom. However, it should not come at all cost.


We have to aggressively continue with recruitment of young St. Maarteners to join our police force, which in itself is a challenging career. 

I pledge to do everything in my power to bring the law degree program to St. Maarten (the University of St. Maarten) in order for us to encourage our young people to become, lawyers, prosecutors & judges.

Crime is on the increase, which is a phenomenon in developing countries. Our young (idle) people are committing senseless crimes. To offset this, we need to take preventive measures such as more visibility of our police officers.

Therefore (mobile) substations will be put into strategic locations here on St. Maarten. This is to bring the police force closer to the people.

The police will then enhance a relationship & confidence with the people. By building this confidential relationship with our police force, we will definitely prevent & solve more crimes. To accomplish this, we need the people and the people need us the police. Therefore, it is my solemn promise to work hard in accomplishing as much police substations on this island.

Our men & women in blue cannot do it alone. Crime is and should be everybody’s business. As the old adage goes: it takes a village to raise a child, I do believe without a shadow of a doubt that it will take the whole of St. Maarten to prevent crime and guide our youths into a better and more productive lifestyle with activities but not limited to the ones listed below.

Youth programs


continuation of building indoor and outdoor sports facilities should be built in all districts here on St. Maarten

Continuation of the afternoon school model ( meaning that all elementary schools should have a holistic afternoon program for kids)

continuation of an active parenting program that started under the DP government

Awareness programs for drug, alcohol abuse & violence should become a priority in

Continuation of building community centers, initiated by the DP in every district, in order to organize activities for the children

our schools.

For the past years, I have served you via the Work Commission (Dienst Comissie) & Police Union of the Netherlands Antilles. I have kept you updated lately with all the changes that will be brought about within our Police force, and I pledge to continue to serve the police force’s best interest.

Being a member and the current spokes person of the Netherlands Antilles Police Union in the Windward Islands, I attend meetings of the Win Win Agreement (Klankenbord vergaderingen) and also the Police Work group (politie werkgroep) for constitutional affairs here on St. Maarten. Listening and hearing all the grievances, I stood up for each and every one of you. It was and still is a tedious process. But with the input of the NAPB we have come a long way.

There is still much to be done such as:

We all realized that these answers were not forthcoming from the two information sessions that Minister DUNCAN and Commissioner Xavier BLACKMAN held.

I heard the pain in your voices. And all we heard was “DO NOT WORRY” from our Minister Roland DUNCAN, HET KOMT WEL GOED. We do not want to go to country St. MAARTEN, with this kind of insecurity. Let us not make the same mistake that our brothers & sisters in blue made on Aruba back in 1986.


Let us not forget that it was this same Minister Roland DUNCAN, that insulted and belittled us last year June, by calling us BIG BELLY and all kinds of derogative names.


Don’t forget that it is this same Minister Roland DUNCAN who always claimed that he always worked closely with the respective Minister of Justices Mr. D. DICK & M. JACOBA, yet promotions are being given left, right & center on Curacao & Bonaire and not on St. Maarten.


Do not forget that this same Minister Roland DUNCAN is now stating that it is high time that the WIN WIN AGREEMENT should be revised. We are all aware that this agreement expires in 4 months, whilst all of our chances/protection to make a career was laid down in said document, and nothing has been done.My dear colleagues, with all of the above mentioned, we need capable people to go into the next Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles. We need people who understand the ills and needs of our Police Force. We need capable people who understand the new “INRICHTINGSPLAN & FUNCTIE HUIS” of which I have been keeping you abreast of for the last months.

With this in mind, I am approaching you as your colleague and friend with the humble request to be your voice and choice to go to this Parliament. So come January 22nd 2010, put party all politics aside, vote for a candidate that can really better our Police Force, and NOT EXPERIMENT with your FUTURE. Vote for your candidate # 8 on the Democratic Party Slate Carlyle V. ROGERS.

A man what says what he means, and means what he says.My dear colleagues let us not be fooled again.

I end with this statement: ONLY A POLICE CAN REMEDY POLICE PROBLEMS, so give me your support & vote for me

Carlyle V. ROGERS to finish the JOB.I thank you in advance for your confidence to make me your choice to be your voice in Parliament.

I remain, your humble servant,

Carlyle V. ROGERS

D.P. # 8 Candidate

Your Choice, Your Voice

A man that says what he means and means what he says.






Om-, her- en bijscholing for our entire Police Force


A Senior Medewerker Opleiding (Hoofdagent Opleiding)


Middle & Management courses


Promotion of Sergeants to Majors (Bevordering van Brigadiers tot Hoofdagent)


Conform WWA agreement, to identify our potential Police Officers, make them “KANS-RIJK” in order for them to able to sit on key positions (sleutel funkties) within our Police Force and also be part of a great Management Team.


We need a strong person to put policies in place, in order to limit the interferences of our Public Prosecutor’s Office


What will become of our 16.3% Windward Islands Allowance?


What will become of our Rental Allowance?


When will we receive our RECHTS-POSITIE in order for us to peruse it and agree/disagree with its contents? 





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    Something else:
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    You seem to know a lot of cyber things,
    thanks if you answer to

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