We have a new site, dedicated just to legalizing guns in St Maarten.

As violent crimes sky rocket, I would encourage anyone who supports and represents these sites, to buy some shovels now.

You need to buy shovels, to bury your dead.

You need to buy shovels, to scrape up the spattered remains of the young ones who “accidently” get in the way of a bullet.

You need to get shovels, to bury your main industry, the tourism industry because we plan to let EVERY VISITOR KNOW, that once they get to St Maarten ANYONE around them can be armed and dangerous.

We have already placed alerts in most of the top online travel blogs and site, so that when people google the word “st maarten”, they will automatically pull up, “guns legal”, and “violent crimes skyrocket”.

The same way Duncan and his ilk are pushing for the legalization of guns, we will be publishing daily to the main online tourism sites, in 8 languages, we have a HUGE North and South American Network, EACH AND EVERY SINGLE VIOLENT.

No one will be able to google St Maarten without seeing out violent crimes stats, the deterioration of our country, the criminal and corrupt activities of our government, and their decision to enact laws which will make them immune from prosecution.

I saw Peter Gunn’s name attached to the site,

how appropriate, if that is a fact

🙂 the ides of march is here


  1. What you propose here is foolish and counter productive. I am a gold smith and have been robbed several times, I would be able to eliminate some of the hooligans had I had a real gun. To advertise these assholes on every Sint Maarten site is near worse a crime than being armed against robbers and thieves.

    • talk to me when you’ve LIVED in a country where guns are legalized, and tell me if that’s more important than gold.
      Then they are likely to kill a stranger intruder. Consider the fact that every time you get on a bus, or enter a store, that anyone could be armed.
      Consider st maartens very, very, very cheap liquor, and lax liquor laws, and then consider st maarten being the new gun mecca of the caribbean.
      all this to protect gold.
      Foolish, is ALL OF THESE FOOLISH ST MAARTEN IDIOTS CARRYING GUNS! It will be a free for all, because st maarten is know for its MORONS. And I do respect your position, but as someone who has lived in a country where everyone can own a gun, and as someone who has seen three year olds with BULLET WOULD GOING THROUGH THEIR STOMACHS, I WOULD HESITATE TO CALL WHAT I’VE WRITTEN FOOLISH. When have you lived in a country where everyone was armed to a teeth? and how long, I did it for over 15 years, and I CANNOT COUNT THE PEOPLE I KNOW WHO’VE BEEN LOST TO GUN VIOLENCE

        If it’s such a great idea and everyone will love the idea, then we want more people to know, that the next time they visit st maarten, everyone might have a gun. And you’re telling me writing the truth is worse than inacting gun laws which will kill children, and you base your ENTIRE ARGUMENT on the need to protect YOUR GOLD! who are you Julian Rollocks writing under a pseudonym? I was a school teacher in violent areas where guns were rampant, how foolish is it that i base my opinion of experience, and you base yours on your need to protect your material things. The fact that you are more likely to kill your own than you are a burglar, doesn’t bother you. so although a child in the house is more likely to use to gun, or die by that gun doesn’t outweigh the fact, that you have to protect your gold. In this case I’ll gladly be the “foolish” one

        • RtFM Read the F+cking Manual. You have nor read the manual. The owner must have a fool proof box anchored to the house to keep the gun. It may only opened by the owner. It may only be used to protect, not assault. What If I have no kids? And the box is up high a shelf? And my alarms detect entering so I have time to shoot the fool who tries for the umpteened time?? If you dont want it, leave it. You can only die when gods calls you, unless you ask to walk into the muzzle of my gun.

          • dude, you feel the need to have a gun, and so does everyone else. So now let’s give everyone guns. BECAUSE I’LL LET YOU KNOW RIGHT NOW, IT is the most ignorant morons out there who are trying to get the guns. So we have a dutch and french side, now we need all of the idiots with guns in one area, so that they can debate the same old debates that they having been carping about to the same people for twenty years. I believe all of your retarded numbnuts should be isolated, and your ignorance will eventually take care of all of you. It’s Darwin’s survival of the fittest, or the natural selection theory. All of you idiots with a gun ( and a calypsonian sang this) this one have a gun, that one have a gun, lord they gone shoot each other for fun! where the men? kill the men! all that remain is women, cuz it’s then I go have my fun, cuz the only gun I got is the gun inside my pants. Just another penile symbol,,,,,,,tsk, tsk tsk. YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BE FORCED TO DIG THE GRAVES OF THE ONES WHO WILL NOT MAKE IT IN THIS SILLY DEBATE!

      • What you seem to miss is the fact you need to go through a testing b4 you get a gun. It is not given to hooligans, scum and other targetys for these gun. Let every gunner be trained to shoot only scum, thieves and traffic violaters, left turners without indicators and bikers without helmets!

        • I see you’re flipping out, and this is what I say: I base my opinion, on having lived in a country where guns are legal, and yes they do go through processes to retain guns legally. Do you believe that the children killed by gun violence is intentional??? Do you really believe people set out to kill these kids? Very rarely, I am talking about accidents, and accidents happen more frequently than someone intruding on your property. You’ve turned the argument into some vicious debate, because it appears you might never have seen a bullet wounds. Bullets don’t discriminate, and bullets don’t care if it’s an accident. We are in the middle of yet another crime wave, and the solution is guns. Where are the education solutions, and the environmental solutions in case there’s a natural disaster. Where are the solutions about all of the taxes, and people coming to the realization that the home and land they bought, has been sold from out under them. I will maintain my position as someone who’s live in both perspectives, one where guns are legal, and one (SXM) where guns are harder to get. What you’re doing is choosing gold over life, and that makes you angry, so you attack me. But I do want to see this enthusiasm for human rights violations by our government, our minors on the street with to after school jobs or activity, our non existent infrastructure………how about we solve the current issues, rather than creating more???

    • I DARE YOU SPEND 24 HOURS OVERNIGHT ON THE ST LOUIS NORTHSIDE WITH A GUN, AND LAST MORE THAN A FEW HOURS….YOU KNOW WHY??? EVERYBODY’S GOT A GUN.. There are toooo many ignorant, inbred, downright stupid people here, I deal with them on a daily basis, some occasionally right. But life’s too short to deal with a rabid idiot foaming at the mouth over gold and protection. ALTHOUGH ALL OF THE EVIDENCE SHOWS YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO KILL YOUR OWN, THAN YOU ARE AN INTRUDER. YOUR GUN IS MORE LIKELY TO BE STOLEN AND USED TO KILL, THAN IT WILL BE TO PROTECT. I CAN SHOW YOU THE STATS, BUT JUDGING FROM YOUR RESPONSE YOU CANNOT READ THE STATS. TELL ME HOW MANY BULLET WOUNDS HAVE YOU SEEN????BULLET WOUNDS GOING THROUGH BLACK FLESH IS EVEN WORSE, BECAUSE THE KELOID SCARS FORM AROUND. a lot of wannabe gangsta thugs in st maarten, watching that crap on BET like they can make it one day in the State Penitentiary. Nothing but wannabe thugs, who’ve never shot a DAY IN THEIR LIFE. i HAVE ACTUALLY GONE TO SHOOTING RANGES AND SHOT REAL GUNS, MOST OF YOU TARDS BUY THE MAGAZINES, AND WATCH THE PROGRAMS. I am coming with two different perspectives, and you’re coming right out of Peter Gunns ass. Like I can argue with that! The four year olds and five years olds that I worked with have more reasoning and sense than these so called adults. I FULLY INTEND TO BLOG WITH PICTURES EACH VIOLENT CRIME. I PLAN TO POST DAILY ABOUT THE OVERWHELMING DEATHS OF AFRICAN AMERICAN YOUTHS IN AREAS WHERE GUNS ARE RAMPANT. etc etc. etc. and you’re telling this st maartener, that she can’t blog the truth about her country. That she can’t report it, if another innocent one dies. get it through your skull, what makes me different than you, the daily herald, the today and all of those other people IS THAT I VLOG/BLOG TO MILLIONS!! You best believe as soon as i upload FACTS ABOUT MY COUNTRY AS A ST MAARTENER! when tourist google St Maarten, soon they will start seeing a lot of crime statistics. ANd I would rather you tell me your retarded bullshit argument person to person, because if you are THIS STUPID< god ST MAARTEN HAS NO CHANCE! IF YOU ARE ST MAARTENS FUTURE!! WE ARE DOOMED, YOU ARE DOOMED. YOUR KIDS ARE DOOMED. Don't email no more bullshit opinions until you can tell me face to face why YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO STOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID!

  2. Listen let me simplify the matter since everyone seems to have such a hard time understanding the situation GUNS ARE LEGAL in sxm and have been legal for more that thirty years there are currently 115 civilians who have gun licenses on the dutch side
    What the minister roland duncan is doing is putting rules in place as it concerns to the application for the gun license I.E (safe,training,mental exam)
    Currently all you need to do is apply and you can get a gun license once you don’t have a criminal record
    I hope that I have cleared up that argument
    I can understand your concern but I will say that posting bad publicity about sxm on the web is certainly
    Not a solution
    You are actually doing our economy a disservice
    You should not let irrational ideas dictate your actions we all make mistakes I just ask that you use your site to make a difference for the better, to logically sit and think without animosity before you make decision I thank you for allowing me to comment on your site and I hope that you do the right thing

    • Dear “The Truth”, we actually post 99.9% postitive stuff about SXM, and if you don’t believe us, check out our Facebook Pages, with over 25.000 fans/friends/subscribers. We upload pictures, videos, events
      only about the positive aspects of St Maarten. There are OVER 500 sites, just promoting the beauty and positive about St Maarten.. We run roughly 200 stmaartennews sites, those sites are of interest to locals, and locals living abroad. On these blogs we do report EVERYTHING, including crime. And yes there’s been over 10 murders on 16 square miles in a few month period. Do you think that’s not going to get the tourist attention? all tourist have to do is google: st maarten crime, to get the real story. Now you sit up and defend guns, and put down these blogs for telling the truth, like it’s our words going out, and shooting down people. You need to focus on where the blame lies. Guns don’t kill people, incompetent governments, who have no idea what they are doing, and corrupt police officers etc…………….maybe you should write a comment addressing them. Tourist who are literate and have computers will read what’s going on in SXM, before us St Maarteners, because that is the power of the internet. We try to downplay the violence, but maybe this government needs to be embarrassed at an international level, in order for them to actually do something.
      Thank you for your opin
      enjoy your day

  3. If your response is the case then I truly commend you on your positive
    Contribution to our island and I apologize for my misinterpretation of you introductory statement

    (We have already placed alerts in most of the top online travel blogs and site, so that when people google the word “st maarten”, they will automatically pull up, “guns legal”, and “violent crimes skyrocket”.

    The same way Duncan and his ilk are pushing for the legalization of guns, we will be publishing daily to the main online tourism sites, in 8 languages, we have a HUGE North and South American Network, EACH AND EVERY SINGLE VIOLENT.

    No one will be able to google St Maarten without seeing out violent crimes stats, the deterioration of our country, the criminal and corrupt activities of our government, and their decision to enact laws which will make them immune from prosecution)

    I would like to have a dialogue about your interpretation of the difference between past and current gun laws on sxm and how minister duncan has affected change. My analysis had led me to believe that people are under the impression that gun’s were illegal and now roland duncan has made them legal witch is not the case.
    Gun were and always have been legal the only difference is that permits were handed out without any requirements other than a clean criminal record as a mater of fact minister duncan simply put requirement in place for those who wish to apply for a permit
    Many citizens have for years had permits to carry a gun on the dutch side and on the french side of sxm there are thousands of people who have permits to have shotguns and rifles in there home.

    I look forward to your response

    • dear kind sir,
      if guns weren’t being legalized, and violent crime wasn’t skyrocketing, then it wouldn’t matter what anyone googled,
      they would come up with a blank page 🙂
      If it didn’t happen, there would be no alerts placed.
      Do you get it now?
      Travellers would only be alerted if it did happened, and it is happening.
      So should they be lied to?
      To you recommend that we pump sunshine up the tourist asses, like the “mainstream media?”
      If I’m travelling to a country,
      I want to know THE TRUTH about where I’m travelling!
      I want to know how safe it is.
      So yeah! I STAND BY THIS BLOG!
      We have sites, that actually bring in over a million hits per day..
      and if you check them out,
      you’ll see that 99% of what’s published is positive.
      You’ll also read where we’ve told our visitors that we will NO longer publish blogs or info
      about violent crimes in St Maarten, they would have to go to sxmpolitico, if they wanted that information.
      So in the heat of the moment, I did say that I intended to alert the tourism sites,
      but it’s not something you want to do to embarrass st maarten,
      it’s something you do to embarrass the government into doing something about the situation:
      Now this is the link to just one of our sites that bring in over a million hits per day:!/pages/I-LOVE-ST-MAARTEN/300334288722

      sorry guys, this is a pro st mmarten site, we are all about the positive, but the government must be pressured, and that’s why you’re getting the bad news. google SXMPOLITICO FOR THE FULL STORIES, WE WILL NO LONGER PUBLISH SXM VIOLENCE LINKS HERE.
      Evidently another youth has been found dead, this time in St Peters. The authorities are not saying anything. But sources in St Peters, are claiming that the body of a well known St Peters…..4,953 ImpressionsRaw number of times this story has been seen on your Wall and in the News Feed of your Fans · 0.24% FeedbackNumber of Comments and Likes per impression

      Friday at 10:02am ·LikeUnlike · · Share.

      I look forward to your response.

  4. Dear antropofaga

    In lite of your recent comment I have taken the liberty of visiting the above mentioned link and the rest of the sxm politico site and I must admit that I am your newest FAN
    I truly commend you on your positive publicity of our island.
    I must truly commend you on your revolutionary stance against government corruption, some may consider you a criminal but to me you are the true antithesis of that. In my analysis of your site I see the true necessity of your blogs, it offers a wonderful contrast to the mainstream media that has served no other purpose than
    downplaying scandals and not reporting important matters for sake of political correctness.
    Your airing out of political figures
    (Dirty laundry) is not only extremely entertaining but serves the purpose of enlightening the public to the truth about our friendly and its government
    and I am in no way surprised that I took a strong woman to stand up for what’s right in a time when few are willing to take a stand against injustice

    I stand corrected for my former misinterpretation of your website

    I stand In admiration of your bravery

    And I stand in gratitude for your contribution to our country

    Yours truly
    Mr truth;)

    PS I look forward to future dialogue with you on your blogs

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