When you read the paper, understand what your reading.

A lot of people walking around with the paper to see who died, who’s birthday pics were posted, and what their daily horoscope is.

You can do all of that, but read the articles, and especially the editorials, and pay close attention to not what’s being said, but what is NOT being said.

So far I’ve read that Roland Duncan wants to legalize guns in St Maarten.

Now we’ve had what 3 or 4 murders in St Maarten in a 4 day span?

One front page photo of someone SHOT execution style?

Has Roland Duncan ever lived in a country where guns are legal?

The first stat that Mr Duncan needs to know, is that you are more likely to kill yourself, family or friends, with your gun, than you are likely to kill an intruder.

Yes, in countries where guns are legal, like the USA, every morning, noon and night, there is some news flash, of somebody allowing the child to visit a neighbor, and the child ending up splattered all over that neighbor’s basement, because even if YOU are a responsible parent, it doesn’t guarantee that anyone else will be.

My friend walked into his basement with his friends, and they were all teenagers at the time, and his father had been cleaning all of his weapons, and had left to get more cleaner or whatever. So here were a group of teenagers in a room, surrounded by weapons AND ammunition!

He said they left the basement, and when his father returned, he sarcastically said, “you know, maybe you should be more careful with leaving your guns out in the basement, you almost had about 8 lawsuits on your hand”!

Then we saw where they plan to transfer OUR prisoners abroad.


How retarded are these people?

How about you empty out OUR island of all of these illegals, use some of the land that you stole, or fill in more of the pond like you always do, when you want to create space.

To the people wondering if our government is retarded,

the answer is a resounding,


If someone suffers a brain injury, and have to function at a diminished capacity, that is sad.

But these people are intentionally retarding

In St Maarten it’s called “DOTIN”, OR DOTING”, not to be mistaken for the verb “to dote”, in standard english.

A dotin person does stupid things, knowing that they are stupid.

And a dotin person is not only stupid, ignorant and moronic, THEY ARE PROUD TO BE


So you learned some more patois today.

Now about the Third G.

Our gay cruise, gay marriage issue.

What I have to say about that is………………..


Someone please explain to our dotin government, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover up.

You’re gonna get busted on your b.s. and it will all explode in your face

SXM voters are not CHILDREN!

You’re acting like you are concealing info from us to protect us, like the Daily Herald said in their “Conundrum” article, but


The word honesty and credibility are so foreign to our dotin government, that

someone needs to ask them to define the word.

They claim to speak five and six languages, and yet they do not know the definition of the words “honesty” or “credibility”.


  1. Yes and yes and yes. However, a defensive gun that shoots rubber coated pellets and gives an enormous bang to scare an intruder and call attention is my favorite. Also pepper spry to keep an idiot at bay is on my wish list.
    About gay marriage, my take is the economic advantage these couples get, nothing else. Inheritance, visits in Intensive Care and jail and such. Leave the sexual preferences out please.
    Gay cruises bring surely more money than hetero cruises. Gays have no kids and are vanity freaks, let them spend their money here.
    End of story.
    Politicians soon may need body guards, as I see it they are in danger of being removed by angry mobs, see North Africa nd the Middle Eastern revolutions.
    It can’t happen here!??

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