Gerard Bijnsdorp was my neighbor for almost twenty years, and yes he does have an opinion, as a guest in our country,

but at a certain point his arrogant, condescending ass needs to just stfu, and realize that locals DO HAVE A RIGHT TO BITCH ABOUT BEING A MINORITY IN OUR COUNTRY!

I have read your unpaid shit advice for the longest now, and there is NOTHING wrong with my grasp of the English language, and from your condescending tone, to that shit eating way you  deliver your “opinions”, as someone who knew you before you became the bane of every local, I would ADVICE you to STOP disrespecting LOCALS for having their opinions.

Only in Dutch St Maarten, do we have a bunch of Imports, not always calling us niggers, or stupid in our faces, but going about in their “subtle” way of calling us stupid niggers, because blacks are not supposed to pick up on subtlety and nuances, when you write you b.s. opinions.

And Gerard Bijnsdorp, as someone who’s known you for decades, I will say that you are a monkey that knows WHICH trees to climb. You pull your little b.s. editorial, with your racist sidekick Hilbert Haar.


It’s not your race, it’s your nasty, arrogant condescending attitude, that you shoulda left in the Netherlands, when you took the boat down here.

I have that klootzak calling me a local Black female a criminal for blogging for and about MY country! While your ass gets free reign.

You people will not realize how good we’ve treated your ungrateful asses, until there is true revolution in St Maarten.

Now you can bring it Bijnsdorp!

Your height has affected your logic and reasoning.

From your lofty perch, you believe that you can look down at us St Maarteners,

But I’ve seen someone take your ass down before Bijnsdorp,

all six feet seven inches went crashing to the ground,

and then you backed up,

because you realized that maybe you were taller than that Black Man, but he was about to take you OUT!

So you might try to bring it to me, and I will be the second person in the family to take your ass down.

For someone who hates St Maarteners as much as you do, we figured you would have found another country to go bitch and whine in, but even your own Netherlands doesn’t want you.

Now start with me, like I’m Leopold James

so that I can prove to you how

different I am, from Leopold James.

And the next time I catch your visiting ass, strolling down Kim Sha without a care, as my country falls into the shitter, I will tell you the exact same thing…

and more!


  1. Wow, that is tuff stuff! I know from my writings that the klootzak always used my pieces to spit on and tried to make me look stupid, but the joke was always on him. If I did not put something he had nothing to react on. I stopped writing because of that stupid ass. I called him as dead as the wood he collecting. His writings dead too. But how he manage to be so stupid, I accused him of bringing up children into the bad behavior we got today. He taught shit, so a lot of people may be misled by him. What a skunk.

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