Leroy De Weever is such an epic fail, and joke

that even when he was down at the John Larmonie Center, handing out cash for votes,

the people were straight up laughing at him, and voting for whoever they wanted to when entering the voting booth.

Leroy de Weever is infamous, for getting into office, just to ensure that his Tendal Real Estate company gets the best government deal possible, when it comes to turnover taxes e.g.

Are you aware that average St Maarten citizen lives beneath the world poverty level, yet they are expected to pay all of these taxes, yet big shots like Leroy De Weever, always manage to avoid all of these “unnecessary” taxes, which the poor man must pay, or else go to prison.

Last time I saw Leroy de Weever in da hood, he’s was up and down pimpin’ those young girls.

Ask any rude boy on the block up St Peters who they were voting for, and they would tell

you Leroy, because he promised me his daughter.

He said all I have to do is get the word out, and I gone be handling that.

Really????Now I don’t believe that he would actually do what he promised.

But I do believe the young thugs on the block are NOT lying when they said, Leroy promised me his daughter, if I can get him the Ebenezer vote, the St Peters vote, the South Reward vote…….

Sick individual,

by any means necessary mentality.

New Country St Maarten is a different country than:
“Oh, Sweet St Maarten Land”.

Our country is basically unrecognizable!



  1. Yes, Mr. Leroy de Weever is my cousin.
    He may not be a perfect person, but then again who is.
    One thing I do know, and that is that he would never do
    something that you and maybe others are accusing him of.
    He loves his daughters, like any other father does.
    How dare you!
    Dr. Neville de Weever Labega.

    • HI neville, during the elections, several young men, who i can name, said that leroy was saying that they would get Ludi if they gathered enough votes. This was said by more than one individual, and they were joking about it at LING LING’S restaurant.
      I don’t believe for one second that Leroy would be serious, and maybe it was all said in jest,
      but several individuals in St Peters and Boardwalk said Leroy was saying,
      he might have been joking.
      But if people in St Peters are saying it, then you go to town and they saying it, somebody said something.
      I like Ludi, and I have no bones with her. THe fact is during elections politicians will say any and everything whether they are lies are not
      and they are also MY distant cousins. LEROY DE WEEVER WILL SAY AND DO ANYTHING FOR A VOTE! That’s it. I stand by my blog, and I love and repect you Neville, but i also have your dear cousin at the Larmonie Center handing out cash on video. If I didn’t have that video, I would be a liar too. And leroy de weever paid for votes, and when he was unhappy held a gun on the people he felt did not vote for him, and that came from a DP source. I respect Leroy de Weevers daughters, and don’t believe that they even know what he says to get votes. LEROY DE WEEVER WAS UP ON THE BLOCK TELLING DA BOYZ DAT HE COULD BE THEIR FATHER IN LAW, IF THEY BRING IN THE VOTES.
      And I’ll vouch for that in court toooooo! because yes. I recorded it.

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