George Pantophlet, is putting the pressure on Hiro,

but Hiro doesn’t really make a move without permission from The Head Pimp in Charge, Ms. Sarah Westin Williams, so it’s going to be difficult getting anything out of Hiro, without a court order.

The bottom line is, our government is ass-deep in the Pelican scandal!

“The Pelican Briefs” do exist, but it will take some brave St Maarteners to bust that bucket.

Hiro Shigemoto, is a manipulated and controlled puppet.

He came in under the charade of “honesty”, and “ethics”, and “transparency”, and all of that other B.S. that your government loves to feed you, but if you listen carefully, you will realize that Hiro makes a lot of sound, but rarely says anything of significance of substance.

He’s good at semantics, and because he’s Asian, he’s supposed to be this sage financial guru, but he’s not,

he’s just as dirty as the rest of them.

St Maarteners love appearances, but hate substance.

 Here’s an example of a sage Asian who did financial “wonders” for his country.

Whenever I read newspaper crap about Hiro, I think about ol’ dude below.

I’m trying to figure out, exactly how empty the St Maarten coffers are.

Is there anything left of St Maarten?

Will there be anything left?

El Pendejo below, robbed his country, and left millions destitute.

I’m not saying that these people are in anyway similar in their handling of finances,

I’m just saying, from what I’m reading,

there needs to be someone coming from the Netherlands, and doing a complete audit of the entire government buillding finances.

And throw anyone in prison, who has been robbing us SXMers blind!

// <![CDATA[

Alberto Fujimori

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Alberto Fujimori
藤森 謙也

Fujimori landing in Andrews Air Force Base in 1998.

90th President of Peru
In office
28 July 1990 – 22 November 2000
Vice President Máximo San Román (1990–92)
Jaime Yoshiyama Tanaka (1993–95)
Ricardo Márquez (1995–2000)
Francisco Tudela (2000)
Preceded by Alan García
Succeeded by Valentín Paniagua

Born 28 July 1938 (1938-07-28) (age 72)
Lima, Peru
Citizenship Japanese
Nationality Peruvian
Political party People’s New Party (2007)
Other political
Cambio 90 (1990–1999)
Peru 2000 (2000)
Sí Cumple (2006)
Spouse(s) Susana Higuchi (divorced)
Satomi Kataoka
Alma mater Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
University of Strasbourg
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Religion Roman Catholicism

Alberto Ken’ya Fujimori (Ken’ya Fujimori (藤森 謙也, Fujimori Ken’ya?); born 28 July 1938) served as President of Peru from 28 July 1990 to 17 November 2000. A controversial figure, Fujimori has been credited with uprooting terrorism in Peru and restoring its macroeconomic stability,[1][2][3][4] though his methods have drawn charges of authoritarianism and human rights violations.[5][6] Even amidst his 2008 prosecution for “crimes against humanity” relating to his presidency, two-thirds of Peruvians polled voiced approval for his leadership in that period.[7]

A Peruvian of Japanese descent,[8] Fujimori fled to Japan in 2000 amidst a corruption scandal, where he attempted to resign his presidency. His resignation was rejected by the Congress of the Republic, which preferred to remove him from office by the process of impeachment. Wanted in Peru on charges of corruption and human rights abuses, Fujimori maintained a self-imposed exile until his arrest during a visit to Chile in November 2005.[9] He was finally extradited to face criminal charges in Peru in September 2007.[10]

In December 2007, Fujimori was convicted of ordering an illegal search and seizure, and was sentenced to six years in prison.[11][12][13] The Supreme Court upheld the decision, upon his appeal.[14]

On 7 April 2009, Fujimori was convicted of human rights violations and sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in killings and kidnappings by the Grupo Colina death squad during his government’s battle against leftist guerrillas in the 1990s. The verdict delivered by a three-judge panel marked the first time that an elected head of state has been extradited back to his home country, tried, and convicted of human rights violations. Fujimori was specifically found guilty of murder, bodily harm, and two cases of kidnapping.[15][16][17][18][19]

On 20 July 2009, a Peruvian court sentenced Alberto Fujimori to an additional 7½ years in prison for embezzlement after the former president admitted to paying the head of Peru’s intelligence service (SIN), US$ out of the Peruvian treasury.[20] He later pled guilty to bribery.[21]

Under Peruvian law, though, all the sentences must run concurrently, with a maximum length of imprisonment of twenty-five years.


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